Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Yummy Sopapillas

Last evening we went to a Mexican restaurant. Loren had a green chili burrito was looked and smelled amazing. I had a sampler plate which was pretty good, one of the dishes was loaded with jalapenos. Loren could smell them across the table, I wasn't able to finish that 'sample'. John tried some mini chicken enchiladas, I had some on my sampler plate and they were really good. Cynthia tried a taco with a salad which she said was good, but she only was able to eat half. Jesse is the only one who had a good ole American hamburger and french fries which was shared with John. Of course they all ate the chips, and I was amazed that they tried the salsa, even the spicy one.
Loren ordered sopapillas (sopaipillas) which were sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and you could pour honey on/in them. Everyone tried them with varying degrees of approval. Loren said that his mom used to make them at home, I went searching for a recipe and we're going to attempt them at home. Whenever we do, I'll try to remember to post a picture of my attempts.

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