Monday, November 12, 2007

Motivation for procrastination

It is nothing like knowing you need to leave quickly on a trip to get stuff crossed off your to do list! At least it works in my case. My big report that I had been procrastinating was done in a couple hours as I hurriedly prepared to make the long road trip to Canada to see my Dad.
I have driven over 2000 miles in the last 4 days and am almost there. I am writing this from my sister's computer. My internet access will come from intermittent library usage from now on as my parents don't have a computer.
Overall it has been a good trip, God has been good to us! We miss Daddy, but it was great to have him helping us through the trip by cell phone. Well, at least until I lost coverage a couple hundred miles back in Northern Maine.
I thought I saw a moose last night about an hour before we stopped for the night. Wow it gets dark early. The kids were asking if it was bedtime because it was so dark and it was only 5:30pm

Friday, November 2, 2007

Blogging Vacation?

My husband has joined the world of blogging, you can read about his adventures here. I'm sure his posts will be more organized than mine!

I've taken a week off from blogging. It has definitely been an interesting week. Recovering from illness, my Dad being admitted to the hospital in Canada, getting bitten by a spider. First time for everything, I'm just very thankful it was not a brown recluse.

My parrot and cat sitting job has come to an end. I feel so free but yet I miss the little screecher on some level. No, I really don't want another bird, but BooBoo had just let me pet his head for the first time.

Our cat family that adopted us is eating us out of house and home, anyone want a cute little fluffy kitten?
We have 3 black ones, 1 black with white feet and one grey one left. Anyone? No, I'm not desperate or above begging, haha.
The children went canoeing with Loren 2 weekends ago, they had so much fun with Daddy, and were pretty proud of their alligator spotting's.
Rebecca is sitting up and barely falls anymore, she is pushing up more on her hands and can turn in a circle while one her tummy. Loren is positive she said "DaDa" last night.