Monday, June 25, 2007


Not a lot of blogging going on here. We will be posting about FINALLY making it up Mt. Lemmon.
Jesse was running a 103 fever Fri night, but it came down quickly. I had been scouting out where to take him here in Tucson. He was tired and ill Saturday but had no fever by Sunday. We prayed over him and I gave him some homeopathic medicine. I brought a little stash from Jackson. Belladonna is great.
John woke is up screaming last night around 11:00, he was running about 101, we had to fight the medicine into him and he slept fitfully the rest of the night. He's not himself today and we are praying for a better night. Poor Loren got to bed about 3:00am, I am under the weather myself. This virus packs a mighty headache too.

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