Sunday, January 28, 2007

Passionate about Birth

Wow, I had an amazing weekend. Over 26 hours with 14 other women who are interested and passionate about changing what is 'typical' about birth. I mainly went to the workshop at the urging of friends and am SO glad I went. I feel empowered and set free from 'the box' of typical birth. Even with 2 successful VBACs, I have still felt that my body can't do it. I know I can, they just haven't given me a chance to do it the natural way. I can have the birth I want with this baby, whether that be at home or in a hospital I feel much more confident.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Leaves, leaves and more leaves

Yesterday I raked and hauled 12 big garbage cans full of leaves to the side of the road. The loose leaf collection truck otherwise known as the sucker truck to my children was to make an appearance today. I was VERY surprised that it was actually on schedule. This morning when we heard the truck on our street I went out to rake the last big pile of leaves into our driveway. I was determined to get as many leaves to the road as I could so I wouldn't have to bag them. My hips and shoulders are a bit sore but I did it and I have a beautiful leaf-free front yard. We're not going to even talk about the backyard, ha ha.

Doula training?

I'm considering attending a local Doula training workshop, if, if, if everything falls into place. Childcare, finances, etc. A few months ago I heard about the workshop but dismissed it due to cost and the baby coming. Some of my friends think that even if I don't certify it will be healing to process my birth experiences. Oh, what to do. My little J. just turned 2 and I've never left him with anyone but husband. Will he be okay? Will I?

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

They took WHAT!?

Okay, I need to vent. Yes, I know that I am very emotional and pregnant right now, but this thing just bugs me. Plus I feel a level of violation.
We came back from Christmas visiting family in Texas, to find that someone had helped themselves to the extension cord from our Christmas lights AND the light bulb from our front porch. I had a bad feeling about the extension cord, had a nagging thought I should put it away but the children were already loaded in the van and I thought, oh it mostly covered by the leaves.
The light, ah the light, that is what irks me. This is the second time within a few months that a light bulb has disappeared. Yes, I know they are very inexpensive, but my porch light is right beside my front door, they had to walk on my property, on my front porch, and they probably used my own chair to reach up and take the light bulb. Oh well, the light bulb can be replaced much easier than the canoe that was stolen 2 years ago. Well, I better go to the store and buy some chain, husband just fixed the secondhand canoe he bought and I had a dream it was stolen.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Girl Scout Cookies and Gestational Diabetes, hmmm... WAY too much temptation. Having to test my blood sugar up to 6 times a day keeps me on the low carb band wagon. Bonus is I'm not gaining a lot of weight this pregnancy. I had my OB appt this morning. Everything is going good but the Dr. said I was making him 'nervous' because I had refused the AFP test. He said I would change my mind if it happened once, then went into a story about a bad outcome by natural delivery and the child was in a wheel chair because it could have been prevented by a c-section. Then he told a story about it only takes once with a cat too and a little girl losing her eye. Okay, not sure what that had to do with my pregnancy.

We had some excitement last night, our Kitty Black had a showdown with a possum on the back porch. The possum was bigger than our wimpy cat. It was interesting to watch husband trying to get the possum out of our storage room with a broom and a paddle. Guess you had to be there.

Yarn mania

I must confess that I am a yarn-aholic. My stash of yarn has dwindled, while the completed stack of mittens has grown and my fingers are itching for new yarn. I need a fix of Briggs and Little yarn from New Brunswick. Today, I gave in to temptation and ordered a couple of pounds, oh the colors... I wanted them all... they are being shipped tomorrow and I can HARDLY wait!
I recently purchased Robin Hansen's book "Favorite Mittens" and can't wait to try a few more of the double knit mitten patterns. My favorite so far is Fox and Geese and Fences :-)
Last week I mailed 2 pair double knit mittens and 3 pair of thrummed mittens to my parents in New Brunswick. Thrummed mittens are SO soft, you knit in a layer of fleece (also called 5 ply Country Roving) with the wool yarn. Hands have never been so toasty warm. Unfortunately down here in Mississippi we don't get much opportunity to use them. My family in Canada will have warm hands though!
I really don't know if this will be a blog I post to often, I'm going to try! I guess it also depends if I get any sort of feedback. I'm not really into New Year's resolutions but I am reducing my commitments and simplifying my life before baby #4 arrives in April.