Sunday, June 10, 2007

Adventure finding a park

Friday morning we decided to get out of the house and find a nearby park. The Tucson Parks and Recreation website listed 2 that were close, One was 0.5 blocks and looked to be 8 blocks straight up from our house, the other was listed as 0.6 miles away and was a few blocks further and off the main street from us.
We gathered snacks, water, juice, applied sunscreen and decided to 'walk' (am I crazy? yes for sure). It was interesting seeing cactus up close and the cute adobe homes. The kids were counting the blocks and when we reached number 8 and then 9 with no park in sight, I got nervous pulled out my cell phone and called Loren at work. He pulled up the site and then Mapquest. The website was WRONG, the park they listed as 0.5 miles from us was really 3 miles away according to Mapquest. Oh boy, mutiny was starting among the natives! We decide to head toward the other park which meant heading further east and backtracking a couple blocks. Loren suggested heading to a further park which was another 4 blocks away and crossing a major road, NO WAY with 4 kids. I'm asking myself, Why in the world didn't I just get the van out of the garage, having to fold the mirrors in so the van doesn't scrape the door of the garage seems minor now.
We reached the other park which was at a school and guess what, there is a camp going on and every exit we find is locked. I have some very unhappy children. Rebecca, who's been happily sleeping in her sling, wakes up and is hungry, we finally find a shaded picnic table, we rest and have our snack and I nurse Rebecca. We continue around the school and the last exit is unlocked, I let the children play for 10-15 minutes, but it is now 11:00 and we have a long walk home. I promised Popsicles when we got home. It took 30 minutes to walk home, with lots of stops in the shade for water. Cynthia keeps reminding me that next time we go exploring we need to take the van. I agree.

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Lisa said...

Um, popsicles. I love a happy ending. :-)