Sunday, June 10, 2007

Saguaro National Park

Saturday we drove through the Saguaro National Park and then down to Xavier Indian Mission for some Fry Bread, I wanted the green chili fry bread but everyone was sold out. We ate that when we stopped at the Mission in 2001 coming back from Christmas in Flagstaff with Loren's grandparents.

The Saguaro National Forest was amazing, I'm downloading pictures as I type and will try to get them posted tomorrow. Cynthia and Loren hiked up onto the Javelina rocks, Jesse started up but said it was too scary. He said all the sticks looked like snacks so he came back down. I stayed in the van with John, who was sleeping, Rebecca who's nursing and Jesse. We had the van doors open and the breeze felt nice. The thermometer on the van started climbing, then a wasp decided to investigate the interior, oh boy. Some of you may know that I hate wasps, actually I am so scared of them and have been since high school when they got in my hair and kept stinging. Anyway, this one lands on my leg!! I am nursing Rebecca and I just freeze, I'm trying hard not to hyperventilate. I'm also trying to keep Jesse calm in the backseat who is yelling for Loren. I don't know how much time passes, maybe between 5 and 10 minutes, I just know that the temperature in the van went from below 104 F to above 107 F. Finally the winged beast tires of my leg and flies out of the van. I immediately close the doors, reach forward turn the ignition on and put the windows up. It's too hot now for me anyway, need a bit of AC. Loren and Cynthia arrive back in a few minutes. Cynthia definitely has Loren's love for hiking and adventures outdoors.

If you are interested in more pictures, here's the link

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