Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hot or Hotter

Hot or Hotter! Those are my water temperature choices these days. I've made the discovery that when running children's bath water to only turn on the 'cold' water tap and even then I have to let it cool down before bathing the baby. The thermometer on the back window was reading 112 yesterday afternoon, I haven't checked it today but I can feel the heat invading the living room as the older children are playing in the front yard and have left the door ajar.
It is 1:00pm and we've had a fun day so far. We left the house at 8:30am to find the map store before Loren went to the office. It was funny to discover we were looking for it on Oracle, and it was over on 1st Ave. At the map store Loren had a tough decision between all the AZ National Forest Maps, he finally decided on 2 of them. They weren't cheap that's for sure, but he got a bonus in the bargain bin, finding a map for a National Forest in Mississippi for only $1.00. I bought a Canadian Flag decal, I've been wanting one for awhile, it can go on the back of the van beside my La Leche League logo magnet.
Speaking of the van... we discovered a badly leaking tire at the map store so we headed off to get that repaired. We were over due for an oil change by 1000 miles and had also been noticing the alignment was out. God provides for even the little things! The firestone tire shop was right outside Tucson Mall and when we picked up the discounts at Customer Service from the Attractions Passport, there was a coupon for an oil change from the Firestone store.
We wandered around the mall and used another coupon at the shoe store for new shoes for the children. They've had growth spurts and have been complaining about scrunched toes. Jesse was wearing a size 10 and his feet measured 11 1/2, Cynthia was needing a size 13 1/2 and was wearing a 12. John's boots were size 7 and he needed a 8 1/2. Their feet should be much happier now!
Cynthia has been wiggling her bottom tooth and it came out this morning at the mall. I really hope the adult tooth comes in properly, she looks like she has shark's teeth right now. The bottom 2 front teeth have come up behind her baby teeth. Cynthia is talking about the tooth fairy and leaving her tooth under the pillow, but just now she wants to keep it "for a special memory".
My baby girl is 2 months old, thankfully no teeth in sight for her ;-) She is almost rolling over onto her stomach! She's so cute with her little fat rolls.
Technology is going to give me high blood pressure, I still haven't got my printer working and now Loren's work laptop has bit the dust. He just got his files retrieved from his USB drive that crashed ($100.00 later) and was going to backup his research files on the laptop with the new USB drive we just purchased, but it wouldn't boot up. Hopefully the computer guru at the University will be able to get the files back. Will the fun never end?

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