Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I did it!

Today has definitely been a day for firsts. I decided today would be different since I was really bored and blah yesterday, especially in the evening when Loren had a meeting. I really hadn't realized especially lately how much I depended on IMing with friends or phone calls as my outside connection. It is different now that there is a two hour time difference back to Mississippi and four hours to my family in Canada.
We drove Loren to work, and went by the Visitors Center to get a Tourist Attractions Passport, it has some great deals on museum entrances. We'll be going to some museums and other attractions in the next few days and weeks.
After dropping Loren off we headed for a nearby park, of course I missed the turn, realized too late and couldn't get over to the turning lane. We turned around and got to the park, the children played for half an hour then we went to a grocery store. My first time shopping alone with the 4 children. They have a neat little car shopping cart, the seats are in the front of the wagon and thankfully it is MUCH easier to turn than the ones with the seats at the back of the cart.
We had a lot of comments from other grocery shoppers about the number of children and Rebecca sleeping in her sling. One woman said she had 6 children in 7 years.
Another first was parking the van IN the garage. When I've backed out I had to close the side mirrors to get out so I was a bit nervous going in but I did it.
We're picking Loren up in 30 minutes, to go to church, so I'd better start rounding things up now, it takes a good 10 minutes to get everyone out to the garage and buckled up.
I'm not feeling blah or bored, just hot! My thermometer on the window is reading 110 F.
I just need to get out and explore. Tucson really is a nice city. It does not feel like a city of a million people.

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