Monday, June 11, 2007

Driving to Mt. Lemmon

We visited First Southern Baptist Church on Wednesday night and then again on Sunday. One of the first people I met there has the same name as a good friend in Mississippi.

The children really love their classes, I had been a bit nervous how they would react, but they seem to love all the new things we are doing. Even John keeps talking about his class and wants to go back. I know that I loved the class Loren and I visited, it felt like home. There were about 20 others in class, most are stay at home moms with young children and the one mom with school age children is a home schooler. Yeah home schooling. One of the Dads noticed my Black "Breastfeeding The Gold Standard" bag and said his wife had one in blue, yeah breastfeeding. One of the mom's had a cape she used to breastfeed her 5 month old in the class. I had Rebecca in my sling and wouldn't you know my child who rarely spits up drenched me!

Sunday afternoon we decided to take a drive up the mountain. Loren had wanted to go on Saturday, but the children were quite fussy after the morning exploring Saguaro National Park and the Indian Mission. Loren, Cynthia and Jesse stopped and did a little hike while I stayed in the van with the other two who were sleeping. At the next stop we pulled into a parking place and heard a weird noise. Loren had pulled too far forward and had gone over the cement curb so he put the van in reverse and we heard this horrible noise. He stops, gets out and this look of horror comes over his face. He comes back to tell me the bumper of our van is pulled off. Oh NO. I'm trying hard not to over react, there is nothing I can do to fix this problem. I get out of the van to see and the bottom of the bumper is caught on a 4 inch high piece of re bar that is sticking out of the cement. I want to scream, but I don't. Loren pulls the van forward and I try to get the bumper up and over the piece of re bar, finally we are loose. Loren takes a couple of pictures and we are able to put it back in place, sort of. Cynthia picks up all the fasteners that have pulled loose. We have a little snack and juice while we wait for the van to cool down so we can head back down the mountain. We're not comfortable going any higher on this trip.

We got an estimate today and it is 850.00 to repair the bumper, great, just great. I'm having to put the Pastor's sermon to use early in the week. Thank God in All Circumstances, It's not easy.

Here's a picture of the sort of 'fixed' bumper.

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