Friday, June 15, 2007

International Wildlife Museum

We drove out to the International Wildlife Museum today, it is about 7 miles from the house and was easy to find, thankfully.
The children really enjoyed it; Cynthia's favorite exhibit was the 'Insect room' with all the butterflies, Jesse's favorite room was 'Sheep Mountain' but he enjoyed the buffalo and penguins too. Another favorite room was the 'Trophy room' they had a lion you could touch gently and a girafe you could walk underneath. I believe this was John's favorite room too, he kept running back and forth saying, "Oh, wow!" Another room they liked was the "Hands On Exhibit" were they could touch all the antlers and skulls. The least favorite of was 'Arizona at night', it was too dark for the boys.
They had a lot of exhibits involving predators and prey so I had to do a lot of explaining that the predators had to eat too.
I'm going to try and upload some pictures but the camera decided to be misbehave and the battery was low so we'll see what comes out.

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