Tuesday, June 19, 2007

There has to be an easier way

Loren has written about our Saturday trip and included lots of neat photos that we took, unforunately I've not been able to get all the pictures added to blogger yet. There really has to be an easier way. The post will hopefully be up later today. Technology is not being kind to me. We bought a new printer on Friday because the one we brought with us from Mississippi died after printing 5 pages in Arizona. The computer will not recognize the new printer and I'm fed up with fooling with it, it's now Loren's turn to have his blood pressure raised. Also, my Skype phone is being quirky, it will ring but won't let me answer the call, but thankfully I can call the person back because of the caller id. I guess I shouldn't complain with an almost free service.
The children and I went to the Botanical Garden's this morning but alas I forgot the camera. Today is hot, my thermometer on the back window is reading 113 F.
Little Rebecca is 2 months old today, can you believe it! We are having company over for Dinner and of course it seems like Rebecca wants all my attention today. She is so cute though. Se's smiling and cooing at us now.
I really hope the Dinner turns out, I'm always nervous when cooking for company, guess that explains why we entertain so infrequently.
Well, off to upload a few more pictures and you should read Loren's trip update.


Lisa said...

Hope the dinner turned out nice. I'm about to cook sloppy joe sauce (at 2:45 a.m.) so we can have that tomorrow. Crazy hours.

Nancy said...

The chicken and rice turned out really yummy :-) Everyone ate lots and enjoyed the food, I was very happy about that.
Yum, homemade sloppy joe sauce!