Thursday, September 6, 2007

Feeling caught

Have you ever composed a blog in your head and then been not sure if you actually wrote it? So, if anyone can read minds, they'll know of lots of our adventures here, haha.
Cynthia finally lost another tooth, it has been loose since July in Tucson.
I can hardly believe that 3 weeks have passed since we've arrived back home in MS. Of course, strep throat in my boys, my sinus infections, dealing with insurance for the tree limb that welcomed us home! Hiring contractors for the new roof and ceiling repair have all made the time fly by.
I found out last week that a good friend in moving to Wyoming. I know that their family is in for a big adventure but it is hard to think of not having her around. Things are going to be different for sure.
We really miss our Sunday School class from Tucson and the worship services. We made some good friends in our 10 weeks in Tucson. I'm really struggling here but not sure of any direction, but then I've had sick children with strep and haven't even been back to church. I will not take my sick children to church for a couple of reasons. I do not want to spread the germs, and I don't want their weakened immune systems to pick up more germs because other parents don't keep their sick children home. That is a big pet peeve of mine.
My volunteer treasurer duties have a long to do list, I'm working through it, thankfully nothing is absolutley pressing. I do not want my volunteer work to dominate over my homeschooling and my family. It can really suck me in, maybe it is the affirmation I getr for a job well done.
I found this neat direct sales swap-trade list and have listed some of my Usborne inventory. You get credit towards other companies to go shopping with. I'm amazed how fast the books were 'grabbed'. I need to make another post office trip.
Loren is heading to CA on Saturday for a week. He didn't come home from the office last night until 2 am and actually he only left because the internet went down. He's submitting his tenure promotion application today, I'd appreciate prayer on that. It is in God's hands.
Well, I'm being summoned to kill a spider *shudder*, and a stack of dishes and laundry await.

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