Sunday, August 26, 2007


I've been meaning to post but life just keeps interrupting, haha. The children are so excited the new school books arrived this week. I found a book shelf for 17.00 at Office Depot and am going to set that up as the school book shelves.
Our La Leche League Family Fun Day was yesterday. It was slow starting but the children had fun playing and the food was really good.

I never did post about our A&W disappointment in Ruston. For the past few years, maybe 5, we have always stopped in Ruston on our trips to Nana and Papas. Jesse has this way of rubbing his stomach and licking his lips, saying, "Oh please are we stopping for some of that yummy rootbeer." Personally, I want some of the cheese curds which I have to fight Cynthia for! Well, we had promised we'd stop on our way home from AZ and when we got to the gas station, Exit 85 in Ruston there was NO A&W restaurant, sometime in the 10 weeks since we last stopped they closed! Jesse was utterly disappointed and was almost crying. I wish I had a camera to capture Loren's jaw drop. He wondered why we weren't ordering after the potty break! I said, um it's gone.
We ended up getting the kids each a kids meal at Burger King to try and lighten the mood. We've not been doing the kids meals because it is really starting to get expensive and they don't finish all the meal plus I'm tired of the junky toys. We usually just share a couple of combos between the family.

John and I have been sick, it started on the trip and got worse the further East we came. I guess my sinuses don't like Mississippi. One of the nights on the trip we had a scary night with John, he got croupy. Loren and I took turns walking outside with him and trying to sleep sitting the van. We were very thankful the next night was much better. Rebecca has also had a diaper rash since we've come back. I'm not sure its coincidence or has something to do with my increased soy lecithin consumption for plugged ducts.
Loren, Cynthia and Jesse have gone to church, they are having a big meal with barbecue meat provided by the church with church members bringing the side dishes. I wish I was up to going but John and I are under the weather.


Lisa said...

Awww, poor Jesse! I don't guess the A&W you buy in the store is quite the same as from the fountain, huh? I've never heard of cheese curds, but I'm intrigued. We (heart) cheese.

koinoniacommunity said...

I felt the same way when I went out west and was searching for an In N Out. Finally found one though. Ate there two meals in a row.

I hope y'all get to feeling better!