Tuesday, September 11, 2007

At War with the Tree

If I had the camera, it's in CA with my cell phone and my husband, I would take a picture of the offending branch that took the power, phone and Internet lines off the house. It didn't stop there but also took off the meter box. The cables were hanging across the street and a few people ran into them with their vehicles. It was the ones who were going to faster than the speed limit anyway. Lots of fun. I spent yesterday making phone calls from my neighbor's house across the street. I 'borrowed' electricity from my neighbor up the hill to run my refrigerator. The neighbor who fed our cats while we were gone gave me the key to her house while she ran errands so we could cool down. Everyone was so sweet and helpful, I really do have a lot of friends and blessings to be thankful for.
I heard the branch coming down, it was as if it was in slow motion. I watched as it landed directly in front of the house, 5 feet from Loren's car and *on* the wires. I noticed the power did not go out immediately and I ran to pull the main disconnect. One time I did not and it blew my air conditioner, stereo and fridge. The electrician said that was a smart move. It is just not so good that I know what to in this situation, this is the third time in 3 years. I was counting, and it has also been another 3 tree limbs that have punctured the roof. We actually just got a new roof a week ago. A few other limbs have fallen on the roof and in the yard but not caused any damage.
If we add up the electrician and roofing repair bills we could have already paid for the tree's removal. It is the last branch, I've snapped, the tree is not remaining as is. What if my children had been playing out in the front yard when the branch fell? No, I'm telling you tree, your time has come, I've made the call, there is no going back. You may have won some battles but I will win the war, bwahahahaha

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