Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Tree

This is a picture of the tree that is supposed to be coming down, see that it is marked with a blue ribbon now. The tree guy stopped by on Saturday, "to see what he was up against" were his words. He said he could be by Monday to take it down, but would only be able to haul it away on Tuesday due to a truck that broke down on Friday. Then he walked around some more and asked if he could access the tree from neighbors driveway and would I be able to get the power lines removed. Yeah, I guess the tree needs to score one more battle in leaving us without power for the day. I'm supposed to call the power company in the morning and arrange it for Tuesday. Do you think everything in the fridge and freezer will be okay with a day without power?
We picked Loren up at the airport last night, his flight was delayed in leaving Houston by 30 minutes. They waited for some mechanics who needed to fix a plane in Jackson and that flight was the last flight they could get them into Jackson that night. I'd better make sure and get all Loren's clothes done tomorrow, before the power is off, so he can be packed to head back out to a conference Wednesday.
This is a picture of the limb that knocked the power lines off the house on Monday.

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