Sunday, September 9, 2007

Remembering the popcorn kernel in the ear...

Had a discussion with Jesse today which brought back a lot of memories. Last year he placed a popcorn kernel in his ear, because.... the T.V. was too loud! Our Dr. said that she had recently read in a journal that the suction of a vacuum helped get out foreign objects. I can smile now at the picture of holding the vacuum up to Jesse's ear praying that the kernel would come out. At the time, I was barely containing my emotions. Anger, concern, frustration, definitely not amusement.
Thankfully the kernel did come out in less than an hour, after a couple of suctioning sessions and having him lay on his side with that ear down.

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Lisa said...

I remember you calling me! I think I told you one day you would laugh about this. LOL

Glad you got a happy ending. :-)