Monday, January 22, 2007

Yarn mania

I must confess that I am a yarn-aholic. My stash of yarn has dwindled, while the completed stack of mittens has grown and my fingers are itching for new yarn. I need a fix of Briggs and Little yarn from New Brunswick. Today, I gave in to temptation and ordered a couple of pounds, oh the colors... I wanted them all... they are being shipped tomorrow and I can HARDLY wait!
I recently purchased Robin Hansen's book "Favorite Mittens" and can't wait to try a few more of the double knit mitten patterns. My favorite so far is Fox and Geese and Fences :-)
Last week I mailed 2 pair double knit mittens and 3 pair of thrummed mittens to my parents in New Brunswick. Thrummed mittens are SO soft, you knit in a layer of fleece (also called 5 ply Country Roving) with the wool yarn. Hands have never been so toasty warm. Unfortunately down here in Mississippi we don't get much opportunity to use them. My family in Canada will have warm hands though!
I really don't know if this will be a blog I post to often, I'm going to try! I guess it also depends if I get any sort of feedback. I'm not really into New Year's resolutions but I am reducing my commitments and simplifying my life before baby #4 arrives in April.

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