Monday, January 22, 2007

Girl Scout Cookies and Gestational Diabetes, hmmm... WAY too much temptation. Having to test my blood sugar up to 6 times a day keeps me on the low carb band wagon. Bonus is I'm not gaining a lot of weight this pregnancy. I had my OB appt this morning. Everything is going good but the Dr. said I was making him 'nervous' because I had refused the AFP test. He said I would change my mind if it happened once, then went into a story about a bad outcome by natural delivery and the child was in a wheel chair because it could have been prevented by a c-section. Then he told a story about it only takes once with a cat too and a little girl losing her eye. Okay, not sure what that had to do with my pregnancy.

We had some excitement last night, our Kitty Black had a showdown with a possum on the back porch. The possum was bigger than our wimpy cat. It was interesting to watch husband trying to get the possum out of our storage room with a broom and a paddle. Guess you had to be there.

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