Sunday, January 28, 2007

Passionate about Birth

Wow, I had an amazing weekend. Over 26 hours with 14 other women who are interested and passionate about changing what is 'typical' about birth. I mainly went to the workshop at the urging of friends and am SO glad I went. I feel empowered and set free from 'the box' of typical birth. Even with 2 successful VBACs, I have still felt that my body can't do it. I know I can, they just haven't given me a chance to do it the natural way. I can have the birth I want with this baby, whether that be at home or in a hospital I feel much more confident.


Elizabeth said...

What kind of birth do you want? I know next time I don't want an epidural but other than that I don't think there is too much that I would change.

Nancy said...

I want a natural birth, no interference, being left alone to go into labor on the baby's timing.