Thursday, January 25, 2007

Doula training?

I'm considering attending a local Doula training workshop, if, if, if everything falls into place. Childcare, finances, etc. A few months ago I heard about the workshop but dismissed it due to cost and the baby coming. Some of my friends think that even if I don't certify it will be healing to process my birth experiences. Oh, what to do. My little J. just turned 2 and I've never left him with anyone but husband. Will he be okay? Will I?


Elizabeth said...


Did you go to the training? Who did you get to look after the kids? I can sympathize...leaving Hannah with Vicki the first time was really hard. What else do you have to do to become a doula?

Nancy said...

Yes, I went to the training, it was an amazing experience.
It is so hard to leave our babies!
To become a doula you need to attend 6 births, get 3 of those to write an evaluation, attend a birth class, complete a reading list and couple other things that I can't remember.