Monday, February 4, 2008

The Writing on the Blog

My silence on the blog has a few reasons behind it. Yes, I was enjoying getting to blog frequently back in the fall but I still had a nagging feeling. My two month retreat from technology gave me a lot of thinking room, well at least when I wasn't helping out getting my parents home ready for winter.
I have unsubscribed from a lot of the blogs that come into my feedburner, I do not need to be tempted to spend anymore time on the computer. Maybe in another season of my life when my children are older. I have kept a few that are on frugal living and coupon shopping.
I have chosen to stay home, so my children shold get the best of me, not just what's left of me.
Homeschooling takes time to do a good job, and I feel I should put more creative energy into it.
My volunteer responsibilities have become more of a burden and I am slowing trying to untangle myself from the weight of responsibilty.
I will pop in occasionally, but this blogpost is my way of freeing myself from self-imposed guilt!

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