Thursday, February 7, 2008

One year ago..

One year ago today we made a hospital stay with John, viral croup. Very scary experience I don't want to repeat. We had tried our usual hot steamy shower and it wasn't working. His whole chest looked like it was about to cave in from his desperate intake for air. His little feet were blue when we got him to the hospital, and it is only 5-7 minutes down the road. It was the hardest thing to watch the nurses working on him. The oxygen mask made him look so tiny, he was just 25 months at the time, and then they wanted vein access so they put in an IV.
A lot of the past has been relived today as my sister took my niece, who is 15 months, into the ER. Her fever went up and when I called to check on Lily I could her the barking cough. I asked if they were taking her in because she sounded just like John did a year ago. I've been praying for the past few hours waiting to hear news. Of course these things happen at inconvenient times. My sister is supposed to be in another hospital 2 hours away tomorrow morning at 6:30am for dental surgery on her oldest daughter, Hannah.
They live in Canada, and have been waiting since October for this appointment.
Okay, the spell check isn't working, forgive the typos please.

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Lisa said...

Prayers for baby Lily and your sister, too. I hope you get some good news from them soon.