Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My Epihany

Can you believe I'm posting just 2 days after I said I wasn't going to be posting often, funny things happen. I'm sitting in front of the computer with my cup of hot tea. I guess that I'm still not Southern enough to really enjoy sweet tea, besides there is just something about holding a mug of hot tea on a cool day.
My baby is tucked in her sling sleeping. I'm wearing a MamaBaby sling today, similar to a MayaWrap but uses brushed cotton. I'm finding that you don't have to adjust the rings as muchas on a Maya Wrap. I need to get a few sold, maybe I'll post what I have on an online auction since I don't have my shopping cart set up for MamaBaby slings, (yet?).
My children are playing chess, or trying to. I just got a Starting Chess kidkit from Usborne. The directions are pretty good, but this is coming from a complete newbie, haha.
As I was cleaning up the sticks in the back yard I was thinking about God and how He reveals sin in our lives. When you look at the yard you can obviously see the big limbs that have fallen, as you get closer to clean them up you notice the smaller branches. As you keep cleaning, the smaller twigs start to bother you, and then the layer of pine straw and leaves needs to be taken care of. So it is with sin in our life, it is the big ones that God takes care of first, then as we are obedient in dealing with those sins, He draws our attention to the smaller things.
The new Pastor at Daniel Memorial Baptist Church had a sermon a few weeks ago that really has me thinking. He said that sometimes we chose a church because it will minister to us, and sometimes God places us in a church so we can minister to them. We've been searching for months for our place and I believe we've found it. The children really love going there, it is the same feeling we got when we found our church in Arizona.

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