Monday, February 18, 2008

Possibilities Are Exciting

We joined Daniel Memorial Baptist Church yesterday. The children (and us) have been so excited and felt so welcome at this church. We feel that this is the church God has a place for us to minister in and reach out to our neighborhood with. We have met a few times with the Pastor, and the possibilities for ministry are exciting.
I know of at least two other home schooling families attending the church. We also saw more young families at church yesterday. We are expecting big things from God!

I am functioning on limited sleep today. Rebecca had a rough night with gas, she got a few too many new foods at the Love and Laughter Banquet last night. The only position she wasn't screaming in was with me standing and holding her close with my hand pressed on her stomach. You can only stand for so many hours! I treated her for thrush just in case since we have just finished antibiotics for her ear infection.

We are enjoying a quiet evening while our oldest 2 are on a Children's Night Out with the church.

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