Wednesday, August 1, 2007


We've been out enjoying life and our last couple of weeks in Tucson, there are not enough hours in the day to write about it too. Haha!
Today we went to Reid Park Zoo. The exhibits were great, we've never been so up close to the animals before. The tigers were the most active exhibit. The two males were pouncing on each other. Then one went swimming while the other came up to the glass were we were and he stood on his back legs and placed his paws on the glass right in front of us. You could have done paw to hand through the glass. We saw giraffes but missed feeding them by 5 minutes, anteaters, llamas, rhinos, and we watched the otters being fed. The polar bear was doing laps in his pool, he was a very impressive and powerful animal. Jesse wanted to see the lions, but all they were doing was sleeping. He just said his favorite part was the tigers.
John's favorite part was the train ride before hand. For 2.00 a person you get to ride the train, and it drives around the pond where all the ducks and birds are. We brought bread to feed the ducks, but by the time we finished the zoo we were hungry, HOT and sticky. Rebecca nursed and then slept in the sling for most of the zoo excursion. I was thankful I had rented a stroller and John rode in style, it was a bit of a pain because he wanted out at each exhibit.

Yesterday we had planned on going to the zoo, but it was a good thing we didn't, we would have been rained out. As we were all loaded up in the van, I noticed we needed gas. While we were getting gas I noticed the sky darkening and decided to get some groceries. We brought Loren a treat at work and I quickly checked out the U of A bookstore on the ground floor of his building. The parking meter allowed us 15 minutes. It was starting to rain so we headed for home. It is one mile and it was raining buckets by the time we got home. I was so thankful for the umbrella Loren's grandmother gave me for my birthday, but we still got drenched. Loren said that if I hadn't left when I did, I might not have got home. Less than 10 minutes after we left the street where I had been parked was flooded with 2 feet of water, and left a couple of cars stranded.
We had rain come down inside the air conditioner vent and I placed a bucket underneath. Arizona monsoon storms can be pretty extreme.

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