Saturday, April 12, 2008


I'm crossing things off my to do list and getting caught up while Rebecca is napping, I've had this post on my to do list all week.
Last Sunday we arrived at church with a few minutes to spare before Sunday School. We parked on the side of the church closest to the playground because the children wanted to go in down the stairs, most people park behind the church which has wheelchair access. We realized that we left the package of wipes sitting on the high chair in the kitchen. Loren had used the last one in the diaper bag on a diaper change on Wednesday night while I was in choir practice. Our church nursery doesn't have wipes so we were wondering whether to drive home and get our package. We only live 3 miles, instead of nearly 20, from church but we didn't want to miss any Sunday School either. It was a matter of, do we take the chance of not needing wipes on 2 children for 3 hours? I had just said to Loren, if you really want to get them go ahead, it's your decision (put it off on hubby teehee), when.... this car appears beside us and Ms. Peggy is motioning me over to the driver's side and she handed me a bag. Inside the bag was a package of size 3 diapers AND a small package of wipes. God truly cares for us and watches over the smallest details of our lives.
It amazes me over and over how He shows up in our lives when we are watching for Him!

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