Saturday, April 12, 2008

Farmer's Market

Oh, Spring is in the air and I have Farmer's Market fever!
Cynthia and I headed off just after 8 am to have a girls morning out. We first stopped at the Mississippi Farmers' Market on High Street. They are a producers only market and I love supporting local farmers. We've been buying produce from Ric for a few years now, although I really haven't been going the last year. Not that I've really been home alot in the last year!
Ric is selling free range eggs, beautiful flowers, unique bags of spring lettuce and edible flowers and the best jams and jellies I've tasted.
We also bought beets and "free-range" lettuce from Steve of Hixon's Farms ( I believe). I had to know the story behind that marketing slogan. I've heard of free range eggs but never lettuce.
We also sampled different types of Humus by Pattie and came home with Roasted Eggplant, and a Black Bean Humus for running a favor for her. Pattie lives in the neighborhood and we joked about having to go to market to chat. Pattie has this sauce called "Come back" it has quite a bit of kick to it, and I see it could be very addictive.
Cynthia and I stopped by the Belhaven Market but we didn't buy anything as I spent my fresh produce budget at the other market.
Well, we are off to the NatureFest at the Natural Science Museum where we are going to test drive a kayak from Buffalo Peak. See you soon, maybe a bit wetter too!!


Elizabeth said...

Was Rebecca involved in the girls morning? Sounds like you meet some interesting people (and produce) at the market. Was the roasted eggplant good? Was it already roasted?

Nancy said...

The roasted eggplant hummus had a smoky flavor, no one else in the house really likes it though.

Nancy said...

Rebecca slept through the whole morning outing, at home. She woke up just when Cynthia and I got back.