Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Got a boost

God really does care about the little things and I got a couple of boosts today.
A friend from church showed up this morning with comfort food, a big hug and a Bible Study invitation. She also said she had missed us at church. I had been thinking no one really had noticed us not being there.
None of my children are running fever, of course they are on the mend we had a Doctor visit scheduled, haha! One the way home from the Doctor we stopped at Chick Fil A and used a couple of free food coupons. Their chicken is always a big favorite in our house.
I was reading my Google Reader and found this post by Jana on marriage and motherhood. It really spoke to me, so many times i let the worldly opinion of stay at home moms influence my opinion of myself. Then you get hit by the opinions of the church that if you are just raising your family you aren't doing enough. I am serving God by being faithful in raising my children to love and serve Him.

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