Friday, July 20, 2007

Vacation Bible School

Cynthia and Jesse have attended Vacation Bible School this week, there is a closing ceremony, of sorts tonight at 7:00pm. I had volunteered to help where I could, but John had other plans and didn't want a thing to do with the nursery. So, we had a fun week together. We went shopping for clothes for Cynthia. Found this cute place called Polly Wogs and got some awesome outfits for a steal! John found a Thomas Puzzle that is really neat, it is a puzzle within a puzzle. There are big pieces that fit together and then smaller pieces that fit inside the big pieces. Oh, we've put it together many times this week. I've enjoyed spending time with just my two youngest, but it was a bit harder getting out with a 2 yr old and 3 month old, imagine that, I 'like' shopping with my 4 children!
Last week was emotionally rough for me, not sure if it was thinking about turning 34, the increase in humidity or just being so exhausted from the trip to Flagstaff and thinking about the frailty of life... maybe a bit of everything. This week I'm feeling re energized, but still hot.
Loren wants to go across into Mexico tomorrow and then off to Phoenix on Sunday to visit his relatives. Think of me at the border crossing, I still get chills thinking about crossing borders, even though I have my green card and passport. Guess it's leftover fright from being denied entry and being declared an illegal alien.
We have less than a month left in Tucson, in some ways I'll be glad to get back home and see my home and my friends, but I'm really going to miss this place. Tucson has a lot of neat features, even if there isn't grass anywhere except at golf courses, Soriety houses and cemeteries. Hmmm, do those 3 things have anything else in common besides green grass? $$

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