Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Birthdays and milestones

I have added another digit to my age since I last posted. My birthday was Monday. Today is Cynthia's 7th birthday and Rebecca is 3 months old tomorrow. Where does time fly? As usual, I have had good intentions of blogging but I let myself get overwhelmed with everything. I will post more pictures if I ever manage to wade through the volume that has accumulated.
Rebecca is rolling over, she has grown 3 inches in length which means she has outgrown many of her newborn clothes. Mama isn't ready for all the milestones.
We had a good trip to Flagstaff, made pretty good time considering we didn't leave as early as we had planned and then having 4 children with potty breaks, diaper changes and having to nurse Rebecca. It was great weather to camp out in. When we stopped in at Munds Park to see Loren's Uncle and Aunt, we were shocked to hear their son had died in a house fire early that morning. Most of the family had been together for 4th of July so Loren got to see cousins he hadn't seen in 20 years, it was a very bittersweet time.
On our trip to Flagstaff we saw another of Loren's Aunt and Uncle and his Grandmother. We also went to the Grand Canyon and to Sunset Crater. Loren is really getting the itch to hike the Canyon.
Saturday night dinner with 4 children in a nursing home has created many interesting memories. John decided that lying under the table was the best place to eat his french fries.
As I type, John is putting the thread spools from my travel sewing kit on his fingers. He is really starting to miss home, has become almost inconsolable crying that he wants to go home at times. We have less than a month left, I can hardly believe it.
Cynthia and Jesse are at Vacation Bible School this week, yesterday and tomorrow are extended water days. They feed the children and let them play on inflatables and slip and slide. They have a blast. I'd better go get ready to pick them up.

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