Thursday, July 5, 2007

Off to Flagstaff

We have decided to leave tonight for Flagstaff. Loren worked yesterday, on Independence Day, so he could have Friday off. We plan on camping somewhere around Sedona tonight.
So, as usual, I've procrastinated and need to get everything packed and then put in the car before Loren gets off work. At least I don't have any dirty dishes piled up and all the laundry was done yesterday.
It's funny how this big adventure has settled into ordinary life here in Tucson. I think the children being sick caused me to retreat a little and after we've been sick I have a tendancy to avoid other people and especially children for fear of more germs! Illnesses last longer when they travel through more than 2 children.
Off to pack. If you see me online remind me I need to pack, haha

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