Thursday, March 27, 2008


Life is moving so fast, my children and growing and stretching me in the process too. I think I'm going to really ration the Easter candy because they've all been a bit irritable lately.
Cynthia has 2 more loose teeth on the bottom, number 5 and 6 that have been loose so far. I'm concerned about the spacing of her bottom teeth, there just doesn't seem to be room for them all and they are crowded. The Dentist wasn't so concerned though.
Jesse has a loose tooth also, his First and he's only 5. We can already see the tooth coming in behind his baby tooth. He's also going through a growth spurt and seems to be a bit clumsy. It could be that he is just being more daring and adventurous. I'm trying not to smother him. He recently got his training wheels off his bike and he and Cynthia are pedalling their bikes all over the back yard.
John keeps reminding us that he is 3. We were memorizing a Bible verse in John 4 and he would stop us every time and say, "NO, I'm THREE" We are still waiting on insurance for his teeth, we are looking at about $3000.00 in dental work on his teeth. Don't ask me how I feel about that, mommy guilt supreme! John is in a really nice cuddle stage right now.
Rebecca is now 11 months old, she is a FAST crawler. She pulls up and then will let go and can stand alone by herself. She has a really sweet personality and is such a joy. My sweet home birthed baby. She is working on her first teeth now too.
Can you tell I'm a bit obsessed with teeth in this post? I went to the dentist on Tuesday and was supposed to get my crown. I say supposed to because the crown didn't fit. You see I wasn't able to keep the impression in for the required 4 minutes, I only managed 2 before I majorily gagged in the garbage can. I know, too much information. Soooo, I had to redo the impression. I used labor coping skills to get me through, plus they had me leaning forward and I had to keep a foot raised. Do you know how hard it is to concentrate on breathing, with a nasty tasting foreign object in your mouth while keeping your foot raised and not swallowing?
I was such a the thoughtful wife and made Loren an appointment right after mine at the dentist, share the joy right? He had 2 fillings, and they didn't even have to numb him. This in itself is a miracle, he has needed from 3 to 7 shots to be numb enough!
My home is half a mess, the living room is presentable, the kitchen table has school papers all over it and I have a big stack of drying dishes. The Pastor and his wife will be coming over for Dinner tomorrow night, and I'm trying not to stress. We've also received a Sunday lunch invitation, for ALL 6 of us. She made sure we knew it was for the whole family. I really love my new church family. I feel so blessed that God has placed us at Daniel Memorial. You can check out the website if you want, I'm doing updates on their site now. It was very lonely with a lot of outdated information. We have some plans and I'm excited about the possibilities.
Loren is away tonight at class,I need to have a better attitude about him doing what he feels God wanting him to do. After all, my mom managed all 4 of us every night alone because my Dad was milking cows at the farm or away preaching.


whitty1 said...

I enjoyed looking a your blog. I am glad to say that in the UK all children's dental treatment is free. It made life much simpler. Sue

Nancy said...

Oh, wow! That sure would be nice, free dental care for children. That would ease some financial burdens.
Thanks for stopping by :-)