Sunday, March 9, 2008

Thoughts on my Christian Walk

Did you get your clock changed and make it to church on time? We did, although my 3 year old John was a bit upset because we parked on the 'wrong' side of the church and used the stairs. He didn't think we were at 'his block church'. He loves the nursery *with all it's many different types of blocks* and Ms. Jean.
God is using many sources to speak to my heart. I've been blessed by so many and I need to take the opportunities to reach out and bless others, in a more intentional way. I'm really bad about only having good intentions.
We are in the middle of a series about the seven sayings of Christ from the cross. Pastor Lawrence closed his sermon today with a question, "Is my Christian life worthy of the suffering that Christ went through on the cross?" When I peer into my life, then no, it is not worthy. Pastor said he did not ask this to make us feel guilty, but for us to make it our goal and to seek to become more like Christ. To be Victorious in Him.

Then I negotiated the computer away from my husband and was catching up on blog reading, this post over on Biblical Womanhood about the book "Stop Dating the Church: Fall in Love With the Family of God" really spoke to me. (I tried going over to the library site and doing a search, but Hinds County doesn't have any copies.... so I decided to buy a $3.00 copy at Amazon.)

All of this alsdo ties in with a dicussion our Sunday School class was having this morning. I wonder what is in the next chapter of life?

I'd better close this post and rescue the house, they are using dolls and doll accesories as weapons. The children are on a chocolate high! They had an Easter Egg hunt by flashlight last night at church, over 500 eggs were hidden!

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